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Seagull Bird Spikes / Anti Roosting & Perching Spikes

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Seagull Bird Spikes are anti roosting and perching spikes for effective bird proofing, control and getting rid of nesting seagulls.

Seagull Bird Spikes are longer than standard bird deterrent spikes because the legs of sea gulls are longer. Other specifications include:

* Made of stainless steel on a UV stabilized polycarbonate base

* Arranged in 4 rows set at different angles to maximise width coverage for deterring and preventing sea gulls from roosting and perching on your property

* 150mm high / 6" and cover a ledge width of up to 280mm / 11" but you can put several strips of these spikes together to cover a wider area

* Manufacturers warrenty of 12 years

These Seagull Bird Spikes can be fitted onto window sills, walls, fences, roofs or gutters etc., to prevent sea gulls perching and roosting and to prevent acidic bird poop and droppings which causes damage to structures.

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