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Birds That Help Control Your Garden Pests Part 1

posted on 5 March 2014 | posted in General

This article is giving birds a bit of a break, and recognising that some birds actually help control the other pests you may be having a problem with. Let's look at some birds that help control the pests in your garden:-

Chipping Sparrow
Chipping Sparrows eat insects and seeds from the ground, shrubs and trees. These common birds tend to nest in evergreens, making nests out of grasses, weeds, roots and hair. Attract them with pines, spruce, arborvitae and yew

Downy Woodpecker
The Downy Woodpecker helps rids your garden of a variety of unwanted insects.

Purple Martin
Winged insects is the main food source for the Purple Martin. You can attract these birds with ponds and other water features.

Red-Eyed Vireo
The Vireo feeds mainly on crawling insects, especially caterpillars.

Yellow Warbler
Not only do they add a pleasant soundtrack to your garden, but they will rid it of catepillars too - useful if you're growing veggies there.

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