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Daddy Long Legs Bird Anti Perch Spider - 2.5m diameter

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Daddy Long Legs Bird Anti Perch Spider for use anywhere that you want to repel, deter and stop problem pigeons and other nuisance birds.

Attractive and effective bird scaring method, these Spider bird scarers can be fitted onto garden sheds, dormer windows, flat roofs and pitched roofs etc. Effective also for use on pleasure boats, sailing boats, yachts and static caravans. We supply these bird deterrent Spiders to local Councils who fit them on top of street lamp posts for scaring away pigeons and other pest birds.

The Daddy Long Legs Bird Anti Perch Spider has a series of fibre optic type, stainless steel wires extending outwards from a central core. The wires sway in the wind and prevent birds from perching, roosting and nesting.

* Measures 8 feet / 2.5m across

* Rotates around its central core

* Can be glued or screwed in place

* Humane method of bird pest control

We also supply a larger 1.25m Daddy Long Legs Bird Scarer Spider, please see below:

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