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Fake Heron Bird Scarer - Garden Pond Bird Repeller

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Fake Heron Bird Scarer is an ideal garden pond bird repeller to scare away herons and other nuisance birds.

These Fake Heron Bird Scarers are an attractive, life like feature to add to your garden pond, water features, fisheries, lakes etc., to stop and get rid of a heron or other problem bird that is trying to eat your ornamental fish.

Herons are territorial birds and so by placing a decoy heron by a pond, any live herons will not want to 'invade" the territory of the fake bird.

* Full size dummy heron stands at 30" / 76cm high

* Realistic plummage markings

* Made of strong, long lasting plastic

* Comes with fixing pole

* Humane method of bird pest control

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