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Professional Bird Proof Netting Pack 4 - 10m x 10m

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Professional Bird Proof Netting Pack 3 is suitable to bird proof areas of up to 10 metres x 10 metres. This professional style kit is the same as would be used by professional bird control proofing and netting companies.

The difference between these kits compared to our Standard Bird Netting Packs is that hog rings [to fit the net in place] and some specific tools are included whilst in the standard packs [see below], cable ties are used to fit the netting in place.

Protect windows, ledges and other structures to stop birds perching, roosting and nesting with this netting pack.

The Professional Bird Proof Netting Pack 3 consists of:

* 10m x 10m black coloured bird netting [ 50mm mesh suitable to proof against larger birds such as pigeons and sea gulls ]

If you require 19mm mesh for proofing against smaller birds please give us a call on 03330 119703 or email info[a] and we will be able to advise on the cost ]

* 50m of 7 x 7 wire rope

* 4 x Corner bolts and drill bit

* 50 x Intermediate fixings with rawlplugs and drill bit

* 4 x Barrel strainers

* 20 x Wire rope grips

* 100 x Net corner ties

* 2500 Hog Rings for fastening the net onto the wire rope

* 1 x Hog ring tool

* 1 x N7 Wire cutter

* 1 x 7mm Nut spinner for tightening the wire rope grips

* 1 x Fitting Instruction Sheet on how to show you how to use this bird proof system to protect your premises

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