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Scarecrow Compact 180 Bio Acoustic Bird Repeller

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Scarecrow Compact 180 Bio Acoustic Bird Repeller is an effective bird dispersal system that uses bird distress calls to scare away birds that are being a problem.

This Scarecrow Compact 180 Bio Acoustic Bird Repeller can be used in towns or near to areas populated by humans as the device sends out the distress calls at a natural sound level and therefore it is not intrusive.

This unit is ideal for use in town centres, public parks, schools, colleges, universites, in the grounds of country homes that are used for corporate or private functions, public arena's, bus depots, airports, on large sailing boats, commercial buildings, vineyards, etc.

* 10 x Programmable distress calls are from the Birds of Prey and Black Headed Gull, Canada Goose 1 and 2, Crow, Herring Gull, Jackdaw, Pigeon, Rook and Starling

* Fully automatic randomn play system

* 3 x Built in speakers, with the sounds sweep from one speaker to another

* Covers a 180 degree

* Black powder coated stainless steel

* 12vDC 110v battery powered or 250vAC mains electric power, please choose from the size box below

* Audio output 25 watts maximum

* Works 24 hours per day / 7 days a week

* Dimensions 350 x 180 x 230

* Weight 4.5kg

* Comes with wall mounting bracket and keypad for setting the controls

* Full installation instructions included

This is a humane method of Bird Pest Control.

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