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Scarecrow Goose Portable Bird Scarer

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Scarecrow Goose Portable Bird Scarer is a hand held, bio acoustic device for specifically getting rid of Canada Geese that are being a nuisance. This megaphone bird dispersal system has been designed for where accurate bird control is required such as public parks, arenas, airports, agricultural or commercial sites.

The Scarecrow Goose Portable Bird Scarer incorporates 9 predatory bird distress calls of the canada goose 1, canada goose 2, canada goose 3, canada goose 4, black headed gull, herring gull, pigeon, rook and starling.

* Lightweight and portable

* Covers up to 3767 square feet / 350 square metres

* Uses battery power - 6 C type batteries which should give up to 120 days usage

* Incorporates 9 predatory bird distress calls to frighten away problem birds

* Each distress call is selected by a rotary switch

* Comes with carrybag

* Operator's manual included

This is a humane method of bird pest control, effective for use in a commercial or industrial environment where using a hand held bird scarer is convenient.

Please note: If you are looking for the Scarecrow Patrol 2 Portable Bird Scarer, please see below:

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