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Sonic Electronic Bird Scarer - Audible

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Sonic Electronic Bird Scarer is an audible unit for repelling and deterring problem birds.

This Sonic Electronic Bird Scarer uses realistic frightening sounds to scare off and get rid of birds such as pigeons, rooks, seagulls, sparrows and starlings etc., without harm.

* Choose from the sounds of a barking dog, the predator hawk or the starling distress calls to scare off the nuisance birds

* Can be run on mains electric power or 2 x 9v battery power

* If run on mains electric the unit will automatically emit the repelling sounds every 2 or 5 minutes

* If run on battery power the unit will be activated by the PIR / Passive Infra Red motion sensor to emit the repelling sounds

* The PIR / motion sensory range is 30 feet / 10 metres in front of the device in an arc of 130 degrees

* A volume control dial allows this bird repellent to be of use in urban as well as rural areas as the unit can be heard by humans as well as birds

* Covers upto 1 acre when in use on the maximum sound level

* A light sensor in the device makes sure that it is automatically turned off during the hours of darkness

* Comes with an AC/DC mains adaptor and a 30 foot / 10 metre extension cable

* Comes also with a wall and floor mounting kit and a rod attachment

* Instructions on how and where best to use are included

This is a humane method of Bird Pest Control.

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