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Visual Bird Deterrent Gel x 1 Tube

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Visual Bird Deterrent Gel is an innovative method of deterring, repelling and stopping nuisance birds such as pigeons, sparrows and starlings etc.

This bird repellent gel is yellow/brown in colour but birds see ultraviolet light which to them looks like fire, therefore it keeps all problem birds away from buildings and other structures.

This *gel* is used to stop birds landing on many public buildings, roofs and other structures as it will repel and deter nuisance birds.

* Long lasting, up to 3 years if left undisturbed

* Not affected by extreme weather conditions nor by rain, wind or snow

* Tube comes with 15 holding trays

* 1 x Tube will cover 13 feet / 4 metres

Suitable for use to protect airports, sports stadiums, pylons, bridges, historic buildings and many more structures.

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