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Prowler Owl Life Like Bird Scarer

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Prowler Owl Life Like Bird Scarer is a very life like replica of the Great Horned Owl that is a predator of almost every bird.

Prowler Owls can be suspended from a balcony, tree, roof or hung on a boat. Alernatively they can be fixed to a pole and placed where you wish to get rid of nuisance birds.

This life like bird decoy is widely used in crop fields, vineyards and amusement parks to stop nuisance birds from being a problem.

* Has a resin head and fabric wings

* Wingspan 44" / 1.1 metre

* Flexible wings that move in a breeze or wind

* Realistic plummage markings

* Realistic hunting position

* Glassy scary eyes

* Humane method of bird pest control

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