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Ultrasonic Electronic Bird Scarer - Inaudible

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Ultrasonic Electronic Bird Scarer is an inaudible unit for repelling and deterring problem birds.

This Ultrasonic Electronic Bird Scarer uses disturbing to birds sound waves to scare off and get rid of pigeons, rooks, seagulls, sparrows and starlings etc., without harm.

* Uses mains electric power or can be used with a Solar Power Kit sold seperately, please see below

* Has 8 x speakers that emit ultrasonic sounds to frighten away nuisance birds

* The sounds are emitted by an adjustable timer

* Covers an area of 360 degrees all around the device, 50 feet / 15 metres in all directions

* Comes with an AC/DC adaptor and a 30 foot / 10 metre extension cable

* Comes also with a wall and floor mounting kit

* Best placed above head height to achieve maximum height and depth coverage

* Instructions on how and where best to use are included

This is a humane method of Bird Pest Control.

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