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Scarecrow BIRD Dispersal System

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Scarecrow BIRD Dispersal System is a bio acoustic unit to scare away and stop problems with birds.

The Scarecrow BIRD Dispersal System emits naturally recorded distress signals and predator calls to deter and repel pest birds. The calls emitted are from birds of prey, black headed gull, canada geese 1, canada geese 2, crow, jackdaw, pigeon, rook and starling.

* Mains powered or battery powered - please choose from the Size box below:

* Has 4 x speakers

* High definition digitally recorded sounds

* Variable volumn setting function

* Species specific distress call selection

* Call duration control

* Can be set to automatic with no need for human intervention

* Has a light sensor so that the unit works only dawn to dusk in line with bird activity

* Covers up to 125,000 square metres

* External keypad controls

* Full installation instructions included - alternatively we offer an installation service - please call us on 03330 119703 or email info[@]

This is a humane method of Bird Pest Control, effective for use in aircraft hangars, multi story car parks, bus depots, exhibition halls, industrial and commercial roofs, etc.

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